How to choose a pillow for sleep

In order for a person to feel truly rested in the morning, his body should take a relaxed posture during sleep. The question is especially acute: what pillow to choose for sleep? If it is optimal in size and stiffness, the neck and head are in the correct position, the spine acquires natural bends, the tension in the muscles of the back disappears, and blood supply to the brain is established. There are other criteria that affect the quality of the pillow.

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General requirements.

When deciding when buying which pillow to sleep is best, the requirements for it are formulated in the form of a concise description. An ideal pillow should:be comfortable to provide a comfortable sleep; keep the original form; Do not smell or absorb odors; not have allergenic properties; easy to care, to be durable; let air through, do not retain moisture, retain heat, do not become a hotbed of microorganisms - these qualities depend on fillers, information on the properties of which are given below.


Types of pillows for sleep and their features

Enter your article subThe classification of sleeping accessories is conditional, however, for the convenience of choosing pillows, they are combined into groups according to functionality, material of manufacture, shape and many other parameters.
Classical, Anatomical, Orthopedic
Classic products have a square or rectangular shape with uniform bulges on both sides. A traditional pillow may have a variety of filler and bedding material.title here


Pillow fillers

Conventionally, pillow fillers are divided into two groups: natural and artificial. Convenience during sleep, as well as the cost of the product, depends on the quality of the filler.
Fluff and feather. Regulates heat transfer, differs in breathability and hygroscopicity. It is easy to restore shape after use, while the stiffness of the product depends on the ratio of down to feather. Of the minuses, it can be noted that this option is not suitable for allergy sufferers. In addition, the pillow requires special care and its shelf life is quite short.
Camel and sheep wool. Moisture-resistant filler does not accumulate dust, has hygroscopicity and breathability. In the summer, the pillow keeps cool, and in the winter it accumulates heat. High-quality wool will not cake, which means it will last a long time. A woolen pillow cannot be machine washed, and it is not suitable for asthmatics and allergy sufferers.
Natural silk. Products are odorless, hypoallergenic and soft. The filler is a lightweight, lightweight cloth made of silkworm cocoons. To add stiffness to the pillow, silicone fiber is added.
Buckwheat husk. The pillow takes on the contours of the body and produces a therapeutic massage effect that improves blood circulation. An environmentally friendly product requires special care and a short addiction time. The service life of the pillow is no more than 3 years.
Bamboo. Natural material absorbs moisture well, evens out temperature and creates a comfortable microclimate. The product with a bamboo filler has anti-allergenic and antibacterial effects. The pillow easily changes its shape, repeating the contours of the head. Simply take care of the product - just wash it in the car.
Eucalyptus. It has increased strength, despite its low weight. Natural and environmentally friendly material has hygroscopicity, hypoallergenic and breathable properties. The wear resistance of the eucalyptus filler will allow the pillow to be used for 5-7 years.
Silk. Silk-filled pillows have a number of positive qualities, but they are quite expensive and difficult to maintain.


Useful tips for choosing

You need to carefully consider your choice, since the purchase implies supporting your own health for a long time. It is worth paying attention to the following:
the shape, height and rigidity are selected individually, so it is recommended to test the pillow before buying and choose a product by size;
strong seams of a breastplate ensure the safety of the internal packing and do not bother when touched;
the cover material is made of durable fabric, which does not cause allergies and does not cause difficulties with cleaning;
the smell of the pillow is not suspicious or completely absent.

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